It’s My Birthday!

Ah, the birthday. It’s a party day for a lot of people while others would really rather let the day pass quietly, but for Satanists, it’s a holiday! Life is the all we have so we live to live, which makes the first day of life special, you follow me? Not to mention that, since I am a Satanist, I worship myself, therefore what better way to celebrate the almighty Lauren than to do what I want on the day I graced the Earth with my presence? That means I am going to spend the day and night doing what I want.

So, I started the day by going to work. Yup, I went to work. Now, on my special day, why wouldn’t I take a day off of work and relax? Well, because I had to. Yeah, I didn’t really have a choice. I’m a teacher and I was just on Spring Break and this was our first Monday back, so I didn’t feel as though it would be professional to take a day off. Also, I really missed my kids. I really wanted to go and see them and be around all their smiling faces. So I had to go to work because I value my job and I love my job. My sweet kids sang me Happy Birthday and it was the most magical moment of my life.

After that, I went HOME. Some people like to go out and drink on their birthday. Other people will eat special food or surround themselves with friends and family. Yeah, after work, I went and saw my family for about 20 minutes, but more than anything I just wanted to get home. Because I love my home.

I love my home because it is a curated to my liking and it is a place where I am surrounded by comfort. I am never uncomfortable or afraid in my lair. I look in any direction and see a happy memory or a beautiful painting or something else that brings me joy.

My Love and I

My darling Boyfriend is often back from school when I get home from work and coming home to such love makes me happier than I ever knew I could be. Dylan doesn’t judge me or say I’m weird; He supports me better than any bra. The other day, he came out and I was asleep on the living room floor with the cats. You know what he did? Moved around me. He respects my space and my choices, no matter how odd my choices may seem. We watch the same stupid videos over and over and he laughs at the same parts with me. Yes, I love to watch the videos, but I mostly love to hear his laugh. It makes me happy.

Laying on the floor with both of my boys

My home also contains my cats and if you would like to know more about them, I’ve done a LONG blog post on them and would happily talk more about them, but I’ll save that for later. So, I got to my happy place, and then did nothing. I hung out on the couch and chilled out with all of my boys. That is exactly what I wanted to do. And then…

You know what this is

My sweet Dylan got me my 10th tattoo! I couldn’t be happier with how amazing this is. It’s done in Bellingham by Patrick in Sabbath Tattoo. He has done half of my tattoos and I would never go to anybody else. If Patrick dies, I’m going to level up in necromancy and get him back.

Now, I’m writing this and having a rum and Diet Pepsi (fuck you) while watching the same stupid YouTube videos that I love. My boys are laying nearby and my Darling Dearest is in the shower because he doesn’t feel well. Poor guy.

Well, that’s all from me today! Come back soon as we will be talking abortion and birth control! *Whispers from the back of the room*

Have a good my birthday, my Sweet Devils!



Author: imasatanistand

Member of the Church of Satan, Teacher, Lighting Designer, Cat Lover

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