I’m Having Some Issues at Work

Not because of my being a Satanist. Actually, the central issue in the argument has nothing to do with it, but how I am reacting has EVERYTHING to do with Satanism.

From Church of Satan Website

I would like to draw your attention to rule 4: “If a guys in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy”. This has been popping up a lot in mind because of some drama going on at work with a coworker. Let’s call him Joe.

Joe works as the shop teacher there so is in charge of the Set Design for the school plays. As the Drama Teacher, I am in charge of literally the rest. I am having the students act as the Director so that they get as much experience as they can in each aspect of the theatre.

So, as we get closer to Open, Joe has been coming to rehearsal. I was fine with this until he started telling me what to do. Then, as I was working, he told me to stop and come do what he wanted me to do. After I nicely told him that I was going to continue what I was doing, he put my stuff away so that I had no other choice.

After we finished rehearsal, Joe then decided it was okay to tell the students that they weren’t working hard enough. This shocked me enough but then he continued. Joe then told them (The HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS) that they were going to put on “an amateur show” which was “going to be a disaster”.

Wow. You don’t even say that shit to professional actors, let alone students. This happened Friday. I decided to give him a day or two to apologize to the students since we work in the same school district. He didn’t.

First picture in my office

Today was the last straw. Today, Sunday, he decided to yell at the students to tell them to be quiet. This doesn’t work in theatre because the actors think you’re talking to them and they’ll lower their voices. I was hammering on the set, too, because stuff needed to be finished so I was doing it. This is funny because HE is the set designer and yet I was the one doing what needed to be done. I looked at the kids and nicely said “quiet back stage, please” which is the proper why to address the situation. Then I started working again.

Joe the decided to throw a tantrum. He stood up, shoved his crap into his bag, and left, slamming the door on his way out. The room went silent. So, I decided to send the following email:

“I would like to take a moment to address your behavior over the last few days, as well as remind you, or teach you, a few things about how the theatre functions.
One thing I tell the students is that “There is no room for negativity in creativity”. This means that any issues we are facing should be dealt with in a way that is constructive. Telling these students that they are going to put on a show that is a “disaster” is not acceptable. A lot of the issues they are facing currently are from being nervous. Our job is to dash those concerns, not make them worse.
I would also like to remind you of the age of these students. They are children who are just starting out their acting careers. Telling them they are going to put on an amateur show is hurtful because they are amateurs and expecting any more than amateur work from them is asking too much.
Another issue I’m facing is how you have inserted yourself into rehearsal in a way that I am rather uncomfortable with. Now, I know that nerves are on edge as we get closer to open, but I feel that you are projecting these fears onto the students in an unhelpful way. As the Set Designer, I understand coming in and making sure the set flows well, but that is where your role ends. Stephen is the Director and I am the Producer, so if you have any questions or concerns, they should be directed towards either of us in a private manner.
Our job, in the end, is to guide them and be models for how they should act. The comments you’ve made during rehearsal, as well as the body language I’ve witnessed, has made the students uncomfortable. This means that they are not putting out their best work and not getting the most out of their rehearsal time. Since you have not, I feel as if I should prompt you to apologize to the students, because your words have had a negative impact that is hard for them to move past and I feel they deserve an apology.
All of these things in mind, I feel as if I have to ask you not to come to rehearsal anymore. We are very close to the finish line now and we need to be able to focus and feel comfortable in the theatre as we go into Tech Week.
Thank you very much for your wonderful set designs.

Now, I would like to bring your attention back to the Fourth Satanic Rule of the Earth. I know some of you are thinking that my lair is my house, but that’s not how I see it. Yes, he and I share a school district, but he is the shop teacher. We are in the Theatre. As the Drama teacher, I spend a lot of time in that theatre with those kids and we have ways of doing things that we are used to. More than that, those who are familiar with Theatre will understand that the Set Designer is near the end of the list of people who should be telling actors what to do, let alone stepping on toes.

I would also like to point out that I was very kind as I wrote this, but I did not show any mercy. I am not going to back down from this and if he does try to enter my lair again, I will get more stern. I hate it when people tell me what to do and I hate it when people disrespect those important to me. I hate it.

Joe is about to learn what it means to mess with a Satanist.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I would love to hear how you would have handled the situation. Especially you, Reverend Campbell.




(PS- My car is an extension of my lair. Don’t fuck with shit).

Author: imasatanistand

Member of the Church of Satan, Teacher, Lighting Designer, Cat Lover

2 thoughts on “I’m Having Some Issues at Work”

  1. I think you are handling it brilliantly, though some additional Lesser Magic may be required. (The email can be seen as a LM tool as well, but because it is slightly confrontational, and critical of his poor behavior, I’m not sure he’s going to see it as anything but negativity or preachiness. He doesn’t sound enlightened at all.)
    There is something that is pressing him, causing this behavior. The approaching show date you alluded to may be all, but you might also consider an empowered approach as well.
    ‘The kids look up to you, could you focus on what they are doing right? Offer them an opportunity to do more… ‘
    Or maybe refocus his attention: ‘I was making these set corrections and since you are so much better, would you mind taking this project on so it’s done right?’
    Playing to his need for attention and sense of importance, til the show is over, then pull him aside and dress him down.
    Just a thought. Keep us in the know in how it all unfolds.
    Best to you,
    Hail Satan!


    1. I totally agree the next step is using some face to face LM. I thought that since I was still pretty upset, written words might be a better choice since my voice isn’t good at hiding my emotions and I have a degree in Creative Writing. Unfortunately, he has exhibited sexist behavior in the past, so it might just be that he doesn’t like having a woman in charge. We shall see!


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