As you can probably guess from the fact that I’m yelling at you in my title, the Sin we are looking at today is wrath! This is actually my least favorite sin, though I still allow myself to dip my toes into the Rage Pool on Twitter.


Wrath by Jacques de l’Ange

Wrath is described as feelings of anger, rage, and hatred. Dante describes wrath as the “Love of justice perverted to revenge and spite”, which is interesting because it seems to be condemning a kind of vigilante justice.

Those who commit the sin of “Violence” in Dante’s Inferno are separated into three rings within the Seventh circle of Hell. The outer ring houses murderers and other violent people sinking forever into a river of boiling blood and fire. In the middle circle, those who committed suicide were turned into trees and forever fed upon by harpies. They share the ring with profligates who were chased and torn to pieces by dogs for eternity. In the middle ring, blasphemers and sodomites reside in a desert of burning sand while burning rain hails down onto them.

This sin was picked in order to keep those who may be angry with The Church in their place. The Flock is always going to be afraid of God and Hell. If there were a reason for those in The Flock to be mad at The Church, they would have shoved that feeling way down into a bucket of prayer, snuffing whatever flame of rebellion may be starting within because they 1) don’t want to go to hell and 2) don’t want to be excommunicated. If this were to occur, nobody would do business with this person or people, and they would be basically pushed to the fringes of society. That was a death sentence back in the day, especially if you were old, unmarried, and/or a woman.

The Church also wanted to establish a few laws and you can catch some hidden within the layers of each sin. In this, we see that laws against murder, suicide, and violence towards a fellow-man. Interestingly enough, the center circle is reserved for those who spoke up against The Church and Sodomites, which just means you engaged in oral or anal sex, though this is often a word to describe those of the LGBTQA+ society. I find this interesting because I’m not sure it belongs in this category and should probably be shoved in with Lust. Actually, this category as a whole is one of the only ones I see that can’t be mashed together with Lust.

Here’s why I don’t like Wrath. When I get mad and yell at people, I get a bad headache and it just makes me more mad. That’s on the low-end. As you were probably expecting, I am again going to say that this sin can be indulged in as long as you don’t live your life in rage. That’s not productive. My former step Dad had awful anger issues and he hurt my mom and I almost every day for 17 years of my life. I have seen what Anger can do to people if that’s the only emotion they have.

But I’m not here to tell you not to do something. I’m here to do the opposite! I also think it’s unhealthy to ignore anger and rage and that drive to fight. Rage can’t be controlled so it tells you a lot about yourself and how you feel about whatever situation you’re in if you suddenly become super pissed off. It means a change needs to be made. That doesn’t mean you can revel in that anger, though.

My boyfriend had a clock. This clock would wake us up with the normal beep, beep, beep but it would slowly get faster and faster and I hated that clock. I hated it. So, one night, a few days before we were meant to go camping, the clock started beeping. I shot straight up in bed and I yelled “Darling, I hate that fucking clock! I hate it so fucking much!” Apparently I hadn’t told him about how much I hated the clock so this was really scary for him.

When we went camping, we took the clock with us. I was excited to see it unplugged but then I learned it had a backup battery and I almost went crazy. So, I took it to the forest (Don’t worry I cleaned up all the pieces) and I broke that shit. I broke it over rocks; I broke it under rocks; I broke it by hitting it with a stick; I stuck it in a fire; I dumped drink on it and it still wouldn’t die! It kept telling me the time and working normally. I finally killed it by pulling out each wire until I got to the last one and the face went clear.

That was the best feeling of my life. I mean it. All those resentful feelings just washed away because I got the sweet revenge I needed. Nobody was hurt, except maybe my boyfriend when I criticized his clock, but that’s fine he can use his phone. But I hope that clock could feel it.

So, I don’t want you guys to live in anger, but if you ever get the change, beat the hell out of that damn clock.

Have a great rest of your day, my Sweet Satans!



Author: imasatanistand

Member of the Church of Satan, Teacher, Lighting Designer, Cat Lover

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