It’s Thanksgiving

Good evening, my Darling Devils

I hope everybody is as stuffed to the brim(stone) as I am on this wonderful holiday! For those of you who don’t know or don’t care, today is Thanksgiving in the US and I am loving it! I’m not even going to touch all the historical and racial implications of the holiday and just talk about the most Satanic part: The food.

person picking food on tray

We all know that Satanism promotes sinning and gluttony, as long as it doesn’t consume you, which makes Thanksgiving one of my favorites! I get to revel in some of my favorite foods, my family shoving their faces beside me. Everyone is happy when they’re full of turkey and mashed potatoes!

When we get together for Thanksgiving, my family has a basic “schedule” they keep each year. We start with normal dinner, then second dinner, dessert, games, more time for eating here, and then games and drinks and chatting for the rest of the night. We take the food and family part of the holiday pretty seriously. Sadly, I wasn’t able to stay past first dinner as I’m pretty sick at the moment.

Also I’m fine with Football being part of Thanksgiving and if you bitch that it’s on while not in your own home, you can’t have any of my Crust Crisps. Go Hawks!

athletes audience ball bleachers

I’m going to go drink some tea and have some leftovers, but before I go, I wanted to quickly announce that I will be starting to take nominations for the I’m A Satanist and I’m a Satanic Slut Award starting now. The idea was given to me by a Twitter troll who wanted to make me feel bad, so I’m turning it around and making something positive out of it. (Take that!) Email me the names of up to three people who you wish to nominate, why you feel they deserve the “Award” (which is really just an interview and bragging rights), as well as a bit about you. The nominees MUST be member of the Church of Satan and be able to prove it.

Have a great night, lovelies!

Hail Thanksgiving!



Author: imasatanistand

Member of the Church of Satan, Teacher, Lighting Designer, Cat Lover

One thought on “It’s Thanksgiving”

  1. I’m sure Hydra Morningstar would love to talk about the term ‘slut’. I’m preeeeety sure she wouldn’t mind if I nominated her for a slut award.

    Sorry you were sick this year, but hopefully you’ll get some turkey soup out of it.


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