It’s the New Year!

New Year, new round of posts. Due to some unfortunate computer problems, I was unable to do as much as I wanted during the Christmas season, but that’s okay because I have a really great interview for you, as well as more questions going out soon, so keep an eye open. I would also like to say thank you to anybody who put me in the running for Wicked Witch of the Year, I am so honored.

So, onto the interview. I would like to start off by reminding people that not everybody I interview has Satanic values, is a Satanist, or shares my personal values. I started doing these interviews to appreciate those Satanists around us AND to better understand those different than us.

I would also preface this interview by saying that the person doesn’t speak English fluently, just an FYI. I am also not going to name them here, if they want to share the interview on their personal accounts, I’m fine with that.

Now, give a warm welcome to the person behind an account that started because a Twitter troll wanted to call Satanic women sluts (like, not in the fun way), in this instillation of:

end of MY rope


1) What is your relationship with the Church of Satan? 

I consider myself free. I have my onw opinion on everything.
I don’t believe politicians and religious. They think their ideas are better than anyone else. But they don’t follow their own rules, because it’s impossible.
Gods, spirits etc were invented by people during prehistoric times. They couldn’t explain what causes day and night, what causes seasons, why rain, storm and thunder exist.
They created stories: mythology.
The world has changed, everything has changed. Religion is mythology 2.0. Kids believe in santa but the brain and thinking ability change with age: they understand that’s impossible.
In catholic schools, they learn fantastic things. Their stories are similar to Game Of Thrones or Hercules The Legendary Journeys. Many people are formatted.
Religious people themselves don’t follow their own rules: they judge, they make wars, they don’t care about others, they are scared of difference etc
I discovered the Church of Satan on the internet. I asked myself why people follow Satan. I have read the website and it was very interesting.
This is an official religion. They are free thinkers. They believe in themselves. They are against satanist theists. They use Satan as a symbol of rebellion against religious rules.
Then, I followed them on social networks and discovered many inspirational people. I’ve talked with some of them, I like to know why they are Satanists, their stories are amazing.
I don’t know if I can call myself a Satanist because I’m not an official member, but I respect the Eleven Satanic Rules. They are a part of my personality.
2) Describe the page you run on Twitter. 
I created @Satans_Girls when a random guy/girl attacked Satanists on Twitter. He/she used words like “unholy”, “pervert”, “possessed”. That makes no sense.
He/she doesn’t know these people and their personality.
I want to promote these harassed people because they inspire a lot of person. I post some quotes and I make artworks for free.
In fact, I consider religion as a problem and Satanism/Atheism as a solution.
Those people deserve more followers than the Pope.
3) What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn and why?
The best Halloween costume I’ve worn when I was 18 and I went as the Grim Reaper.
The reaper is immortal and decides who lives and dies. I would like to get this power for what is right.
Probably my favourite mythical creature before the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
4) What do you like to do for your birthday? 
For my birthday I enjoy having my family and my friends at the same time. It’s like Christmas and the New Year Eve on the same day.
5) Do you have any pets? If so, how do you like to spoil them? If not, do you have a dream pet?
Thanks to my mother I am an animal lover. When I was a child we had a big house, a goat, rabbits, two geese, two dogs and many cats.
Losing an animal is very, very difficult.
That’s why I don’t have pets today, I don’t support the end..
6) What inspires you? 
People who enjoy life, people who do what they like, brave people, people who help others.
People with those qualities are our best hope for a better world.
7) Are you currently working on anything interesting either professionally or creatively? 
I’m working for a software company. I teach people to use a computer and internet, I give conference tips and presentations about internet and cybersecurity, I make photos and videos. I really like my job.
I also like magic, card handling, illusions and I would like to be a professional magician, having my own show with a lot of resources must be fun!
8) What TV show has captured your attention recently? 
I discovered La Casa de Papel, Breaking Bad and Mentalist a few months ago. Story, actors, everything is great!
Mentalist has a special place, some friends called me Patrick Jane during many years cause I have a similar personality, I like watching people, I try to understand everyone and I use NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) to speak with them.
I had never watched this show until this summer.
9) Do you have any tattoos? 
I don’t have any tattoos, this is a hard decision and I don’t want to regret it later.
But I really like to watch tattooed people. Some tattoos are better than painting in museums.
A body can become a work of art.
10) Describe your ideal vacation. 
My ideal vacation is Japan. Mix of both traditional and modernity, discipline, japanese mentality, few crimes, big cities, food, temples.
I would love to live in Tokyo, this is my dream.
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.37.32 PM
Thanks for hanging out, you Darling Devils. I’ll see you soon!

I Spoke with The Homo Satanist

As I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, a term caught my eye. “Homo Satanist”. As somebody who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, I began to feel myself prickle, preparing for rage. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually a title of a book, as well as the title somebody had chosen for themselves. I was curious, so I dove a little deeper.

Fred Andersson is the an author and, while not a member of the Church of Satan, feels very connected to Satanism and the philosophy of Anton LaVey. So, I decided to send over some questions to get to know Fred a little better in this edition of

end of MY rope

Please give a round of applause to our latest victim Fred Andersson

From Twitter
1) What is your relationship to Satanism and the Church of Satan?
I’m not a member of CoS, but I feel very connected to their philosophy and LaVey is a role model of some sorts, even if I don’t agree with him in everything. But that’s also the great part of CoS and Satanism; we’re all true individuals and respect each other. I’ve always, since I was a kid in a Christian community, had similar ideas and ways of looking at life as CoS, but it took me some time to understand the value in this. When a friend years ago told me I really need to read The Satanic Bible I bought it, read it, found it fun and interesting but it didn’t leave a big mark. Maybe I year later I picked it up and read it again, and some things spoke to me even more. And this happened every year or so until I finally “got it”. LaVey himself I’ve always found interesting and witty and I understand what he was trying – and succeeded – to do.
2) What does being part of the LQBTQA+ community and being a Satanist have in common? 
I found out that may inside the community either sees themselves as Satanists or at least have the same philosophy, and I love this. I believe that Satanism, and maybe more specifically CoS, is the perfect thing or LGBTQ+ people, as we’re embracing ourselves, our sexuality, we breaking free from norms to live the lives WE want to live. Some Christians blame us gays for being egocentric – and I say YES to that, because we dare to do it. We’re not tied down by guilt and Christian moral rules; we live as we want.
3) Where would you take Charlie Chaplin on a date in the year 1994? 
I would probably take him to an old wax museum in Sweden, now bankrupt since many years back, where they had THE worst very wax figure of him ever made. I think he would have appreciated it for some reason.
4) How do you celebrate Halloween?
The thing is, Sweden isn’t much of a Halloween country. The tradition itself have been growing over the years, but it’s not the same as in the United States. I usually try to watch one of the Halloween films, this time it was my hold favorite Halloween III: Season of the Witch. That one sets the mood very well!
5) Tell me the story behind Homo Satanist. How did you come up with the name/title/term? 
It kinda just came to me while thinking about who I am. I usually just introduce myself as Fred, because Fred for me is everything I am – but if I’m not Fred then I’m not a homo sapiens like my fellow humans… and suddenly it struck me; I am Homo Satanist, a man of Satan. That felt so comfortable I decided to build a concept around it, and that’s one of the things that lead to the book.
6) What’s your favorite movie and why?
Difficult to say! In my personal collection of films, physical media, I have over 7000 titles! But If I must chose one I’ll chose Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, a film which triggers both my fascination for the occult, rituals, sex and individualism. I love it so much I might one day write a book about it – and the novel it’s based upon and the 60’s Austrian TV-movie based on the same source. I always find something new in it and it still, to this day, have some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a film.
7) Is there a story that you weren’t able to fit into your book that you’d like to tell? 
Oh sure, but most of them deals with what’s legal in Sweden or not – and when some things still are not legalized or accepted it’s a bit difficult to talk about it without being branded a criminal. It’s not that I’m especially active in this area, but the idea of banning certain substances is primitive and goes against my whole idea of individualism.
8) What do you do when you’re bored? or Do you get bored? 
I rarely get bored nowadays, but if that happens I usually watch the most depressing film I have available. It makes me appreciate my own life a lot more and triggers my emotions in very stimulating way. I also have a tendency to shop a lot of expensive books when I’m bored, which is both good and bad.
9) THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Quick, what in your house do you grab and why? 
I suppose the cats have already escaped, so that means I’ll grab water and warm clothes. Because I bet I’ll need to hide in the woods for a while until it’s all over!
10) Do you have any other creative projects you’re working on? 
I’m currently finishing the editing of a short story collection, which I hope will be published in two-three months, but it’s written in Sweden. I’m also halfway through something we can call Homo Satanist 2 and one book about chaos magic, or maybe more an inspiration to use magical thinking in everyday life.
The End
I love that in order to get over being bored, you watch a sad movie. That’s wonderful. Thank you, Fred, for taking the time to answer my silly questions and I hope your book does very well!
And thank you all for coming back and reading, I really love doing these interviews and you guys make it worth my time!
I’ll see you all later, my Sweet Satanists!