I’m Going to be Interviewed!

Hey, guys, before I get into this infernal interview, I want to be a little vain. I was going to say “hope that’s alright with you” but I don’t really care and I’m going to do it anyway!

As I said briefly in my last post, I am going to be interviewed by our wonderful Reverend Campbell on his podcast Speak of the Devil!

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.18.05 PM
This hottie is Reverend Campbell

This is really exciting for me because, well, I’m a baby Satanist and people actually give a shit about Reverend Campbell. This will be a live interview and will start at 7pm PST. You’ll be able to comment and we will comment back in real-time, so it should be a really fun conversation. I hope to see you there!

Okay, all of that out of the way, it’s time for our newest…

end of MY rope

Our latest victim is NOT a member of the Church of Satan as of right now, but that may change. Ya never know. Until then, let us welcome our Satan-Friendly friend Marco S. into the pit!

1) What is your relationship with the Church of Satan?
I’m not a card-carrying member, but I’ve considered myself a Satanist since I was about 19, I’m 37 now.
2) How did you first discover Satanism?
I specifically remember when my neighbor (mentor, band mate and long time metal brother) lent me a Dimmu Borgir album, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, I was a little intrigued by this verses:
Whispering voices, summoning screams
Waiting for Satan to bless their sins
Blackhearted angels fallen from grace
Possessed by the search for utter darkness
That was completely new to me, asking for Satan’s blessing and at the same time wanting to search for utter darkness, willing to sin again. This was strange because I grew up with my grandmother in a Catholic family and even though I stopped believing in God since I was 14 or 15, I never thought these words could represent anything other than “going against God”, which at that point I considered just bullshit.
After a quick online search I found information about the Church of Satan and asked my friend’s mom (who was very liberal) to order a Satanic Bible from Amazon for me. I grew up in Mexico and at the time I didn’t have a credit card, and there was no way my dad was gonna buy this for me. Naturally when I read the book I realized what most of us do at some point, it spoke to me, it spoke about me.
3) What are your favorite book?
I love many, many books, there’s an obvious spot reserved for the Satanic Bible, because it opened my eyes to who I really am, and it gave me comfort when I realized that being a misfit and an outlier is not “wrong”, it only means you don’t fit in the status quo, it’s an advantage.
Also I have to mention Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky, with that book I discovered the power of the mind, the power of the palpable change you can create for yourself and your own reality without the need to summon anything or anyone with supernatural powers. In this same tone but as pure fiction, I loved The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, pretty much any Castaneda book has a magical power that’s hard to contain.
A short list should also include Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan, Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath, Carl Sagan’s The Demon Haunted World and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Cronica De Una Muerte Anunciada.
4) What would you do if you were suddenly placed into a horror film, such as The Evil Dead?
I’m not a big fan of horror, I’ve never watched that movie so I assume I’ll just try to… survive? I don’t now.
5) Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment, I had dogs growing up, although I get along really well with cats too.
6) Are you currently working on any projects?
Aside from my 9-5 job I always try to have side gigs to keep my mind distracted, I’ve been teaching myself how to code for about a year now so I try to find things that will help me improve on that ability. At the moment my biggest project would be updating my online portfolio building the site from scratch!
7) If a spaceship landed and asked you to take them to your leader, to whom would you take them?
Oh well… it would be a difficult choice but I would probably go with a scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene or someone of the like. Someone who is more likely to know what to do in a situation like that rather than someone actually in power. People in power are not always the smartest you know…
8) Do you like to travel? If so, where?
I do like to travel, me and my wife would hop on trains or planes for short stays in small and big cities in the North East, we have yet to go to the West Coast. Lately I’ve been going to Ukraine a few times per year, visiting great cities and places over there. Poland, Germany and Egypt are in our list.
9) What would you like Non-Satanists to know about Satanists?
I’m not sure about this one. I don’t mind if most people don’t know what Satanism is, as long as they don’t use us as a scapegoat or an excuse for their own ridiculous behavior. Maybe it would be good for them to know that this is not an obscure sect and we definitely don’t sacrifice babies? It’s appalling the amount of people who associate that with Satanists, but then again, the average person is really stupid.
10) Which of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth speaks to you the most?
I try to guide myself by all of them, but if I had to pick one that represents who we are it would be the 11th Rule, it was the first one I read somewhere on the internet, and I absolutely loved it. I think it broadly defines a simple but powerful way to look at life; to me it’s about two things, one is the idea that you should live your life without messing with anyone, and two is that everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise (sometimes the proof comes VERY quickly).
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.37.32 PM
Alright, kids, that’s it for the day! I’ve got a long week ahead of me and I’m already running late. I hope you loved reading this interview as much as I did!

This Woman Is Satan-Friendly

This interview is a bit different since Sophie is not a Member of the Church of Satan and hasn’t applied. Sophie lived in the United States for a year before moving back to Europe. Please remember that I am giving you her answers exactly as they are given, so any grammatical errors should be read in an adorable French accident.

I decided to showcase Sophie because she is an example of somebody who likes Anton LaVey’s teachings as spelled out in The Satanic Bible, but doesn’t agree with every aspect. This makes the person Satan-Friendly, at least in my eyes. They understand what we believe, they agree with most of it, but have decided not to go full Satan. This is great! I think there need to be more Satan-Friendly people in the world, as not everybody is a Satanist. Though, as Milton says on The Raising Hell Podcast, everybody can benefit from being more Satanic.

Buckle up, my darlings, for the latest in our long history of…

The Infernal Interviews

From Twitter
1) What did you think of The Church of Satan before becoming more acquainted with it?
I was lapsed Catholic till I was 17. My father had lung cancer. Me and my mother prayed a lot, but nothing.. It was very difficult for my mother, she became depressed, and sick. I lost her a year later…

I lived with my uncle and I asked many thing about God and why he let the world be destroyed.
I hated religions, I knew about the Fallen Angel and his story. Then, I was curious about people who are against religion and why. I discovered the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey, Peggy Nadramia, Peter H. Gilmore.
I read their interviews and I was like “Wtf they don’t believe in Satan but they are Satanists”. And I learn a lot. Religion is just a modern mythology, many rules are against our human nature, we have rapists, terrorists, and the others aren’t realists.

Finally, I don’t have to work harder to get the Satanic values, I’ve always felt them.

2) How often do you perform Ritual Magic?
I’ve never practiced magic, and I’m not interested.
3) How long did it take for you to send in your Membership Application?
I’ve never tried the Membership Application.
4) If you were taken into the future, what would you be the most excited to see?
I would like to see the Earth in the year 3000, how can be the world: like in Star Wars? Or a dictatorship? Or maybe destroyed?
5) Tell me about your Best Friend.
Her name is Julia, we are the same age, I know her since elementary school.
Funny thing, we have nothing in common, she doesn’t like rap, metal, horror movies, she hates video games, she is lesbian, I am bi, and she is blond lol We watch action movies, we like nightclubs, I learn many things from her, and she hopes to be a probationer.

I’ve always loved her, she is funny and always positive. I think we have the same personality, that’s why we are always together. When I lost my parents, she comes up to me everyday.

6) Do you have any projects you are currently working on?
Well, I’m studying psychology. I like to understand people, the brain, the personality. I would like to help people. We only live once! I’ll feel better.
7) What would you do if somebody stole your car but replaced it with a helicopter? 
Ahah I’ll use it 2-3 times and I’ll sell it.
8) What’s your favorite movie? 
Fast and Furious are my fav, but I can’t tell you if I prefer the 1st, the 3rd, the 6th etc.
9) What kind of toppings do you like on pizza
Spicy: chicken, pepper, chorizo, merguez sausage and cheese.
10) What would you like Non-Satanists to know about Satanists? 
Great question. They must know that we are not evil, we are better than the majority of religious people. They may know why we are Satanists and our stories.
I feel like it is important for this blog to go beyond just Satanists, as I would like to get the perspective of those not in our world. I want their views on our tenants and ideas because I am curious about how I am viewed in the world. Just the other day somebody thought I was trying to be edgy for being with the Church of Satan, even though THEY were the ones who went searching for that information in order to throw it in my face. The mistake they made is in thinking that I am ashamed of being a Satanist. Nothing could be further from the truth.
There are a lot more Infernal Interviews coming, as well as some changes to the layout of the site… ya know, if I can figure it out.
Enjoy this stupendous spring day, my Sweet Satanist.