This Woman Is Satan-Friendly

This interview is a bit different since Sophie is not a Member of the Church of Satan and hasn’t applied. Sophie lived in the United States for a year before moving back to Europe. Please remember that I am giving you her answers exactly as they are given, so any grammatical errors should be read in an adorable French accident.

I decided to showcase Sophie because she is an example of somebody who likes Anton LaVey’s teachings as spelled out in The Satanic Bible, but doesn’t agree with every aspect. This makes the person Satan-Friendly, at least in my eyes. They understand what we believe, they agree with most of it, but have decided not to go full Satan. This is great! I think there need to be more Satan-Friendly people in the world, as not everybody is a Satanist. Though, as Milton says on The Raising Hell Podcast, everybody can benefit from being more Satanic.

Buckle up, my darlings, for the latest in our long history of…

The Infernal Interviews

From Twitter
1) What did you think of The Church of Satan before becoming more acquainted with it?
I was lapsed Catholic till I was 17. My father had lung cancer. Me and my mother prayed a lot, but nothing.. It was very difficult for my mother, she became depressed, and sick. I lost her a year later…

I lived with my uncle and I asked many thing about God and why he let the world be destroyed.
I hated religions, I knew about the Fallen Angel and his story. Then, I was curious about people who are against religion and why. I discovered the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey, Peggy Nadramia, Peter H. Gilmore.
I read their interviews and I was like “Wtf they don’t believe in Satan but they are Satanists”. And I learn a lot. Religion is just a modern mythology, many rules are against our human nature, we have rapists, terrorists, and the others aren’t realists.

Finally, I don’t have to work harder to get the Satanic values, I’ve always felt them.

2) How often do you perform Ritual Magic?
I’ve never practiced magic, and I’m not interested.
3) How long did it take for you to send in your Membership Application?
I’ve never tried the Membership Application.
4) If you were taken into the future, what would you be the most excited to see?
I would like to see the Earth in the year 3000, how can be the world: like in Star Wars? Or a dictatorship? Or maybe destroyed?
5) Tell me about your Best Friend.
Her name is Julia, we are the same age, I know her since elementary school.
Funny thing, we have nothing in common, she doesn’t like rap, metal, horror movies, she hates video games, she is lesbian, I am bi, and she is blond lol We watch action movies, we like nightclubs, I learn many things from her, and she hopes to be a probationer.

I’ve always loved her, she is funny and always positive. I think we have the same personality, that’s why we are always together. When I lost my parents, she comes up to me everyday.

6) Do you have any projects you are currently working on?
Well, I’m studying psychology. I like to understand people, the brain, the personality. I would like to help people. We only live once! I’ll feel better.
7) What would you do if somebody stole your car but replaced it with a helicopter? 
Ahah I’ll use it 2-3 times and I’ll sell it.
8) What’s your favorite movie? 
Fast and Furious are my fav, but I can’t tell you if I prefer the 1st, the 3rd, the 6th etc.
9) What kind of toppings do you like on pizza
Spicy: chicken, pepper, chorizo, merguez sausage and cheese.
10) What would you like Non-Satanists to know about Satanists? 
Great question. They must know that we are not evil, we are better than the majority of religious people. They may know why we are Satanists and our stories.
I feel like it is important for this blog to go beyond just Satanists, as I would like to get the perspective of those not in our world. I want their views on our tenants and ideas because I am curious about how I am viewed in the world. Just the other day somebody thought I was trying to be edgy for being with the Church of Satan, even though THEY were the ones who went searching for that information in order to throw it in my face. The mistake they made is in thinking that I am ashamed of being a Satanist. Nothing could be further from the truth.
There are a lot more Infernal Interviews coming, as well as some changes to the layout of the site… ya know, if I can figure it out.
Enjoy this stupendous spring day, my Sweet Satanist.


But I Wasn’t Always A Member

I am now, but I remember checking the mail each day, some times multiple times per day, to see if my Red Card had come. Naturally it came when I was gone. So I came home to a white, unassuming envelope sitting on the kitchen table with my name on it.

That was a really exciting day for me! I’m sure each of you can remember when you were, too, in Church of Satan limbo and the feelings that came along with that. And the feelings that followed knowing you had been accepted!

So, since I interviewed MANY members of the Church of Satan, as well as an actual Devil Worshipper, I thought I’d interview somebody who was pending approval. This person identifies as a Satanist but is waiting for conformation to come on their Membership status.

This is the next installment of:

The Infernal Interviews

Lvcifer Invictvs Crow
1) How long have you been with the Church of Satan?
“With” The church of Satan?  Membership pending I guess you could say, but a Satanist from my early grade school years. Even when in the Episcopalian Church.
2) What did you think when you first heard of the Church of Satan?
My first inclination as a young boy of 5 was, “where can I find this church? It sounds like a really big fun house with a lion, secret door ways and horror attractions! I must go there at once!” (of course speaking of LaVey’s “Black House” and not the Established Church of Satan.”)
3) What is your favorite play?
I have several.  As far as musicals I recently became a huge fan of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” However I would have to say “The Tempest.” (Shakespeare)
4) What is your personal definition of Satan?
I have several:  Every Satanist or “weekend warrior” thinks “The church of satan wants to hear “Adversary” because that’s what LaVey said.  I’m not always one to jump to that explanation.  Mine is more “Hero.” He’s the unspoken fictitious hero of the Bible that was given a terrible reputation.  Jesus wondered into the wilderness like an idiot Satan tried to feed him, then offer him relief, apparently that was “wrong.” Not to mention Satan educated humanity, clothed us, fed us metaphorically, helped us become “aware” of the flesh and indulgence. So thank you Satan.
5) Do you have any animals?
Yes.  I have two dogs and a corn snake.
6) Chocolate or Vanilla? 
Both I’m not an Ice Cream Racist.
7) Do you have any projects you’re currently working on? 
Yes, musically “Hades In Tow,” film wise I am attempting to make a series called “AntiChrist.”
8) Have you ever shaved your legs?
Yes, and waxed with Nair Cream.  (Not to self: Do not use nair cream on pubic stubble, it will leave chemical burns in creases).
9) What would you like Non-Satanists to know about Satanists?
This is a loaded question.  Non-Satanists please stop practicing contempt prior to investigation. (mind you some do not.)  We are living in “Era Satanas.” Whether the non Satanist likes it or not, mainstream religion is being phased out and recognized as fraud and problematic.
10) How do you like The Satanic Bible? 
 It was like listening to the Beatles for the first time… Backwards.  When I first read it, I was baffled, and had to re-read it.  I thought to myself “how could every answer in my life be right here in one simple book.”  Well, it was.  So after re-reading the Satanic Bible ad nauseam, I learned that this path is for me, and with an open mind while still thinking for myself, freely, I continue to learn more and more every day.  There was no turning back.
I hope you liked this interview and I will update you on the Membership Status of Lvcifer Invictvs Crow as soon as I know. For all the rest of you waiting, hang in there!
Have a great rest of your day, my Sweet Satanists!

I Dated A Christian For Two Years

Seriously. This was before I knew that the Church of Satan was a thing, though, even if I was already a Satanist. This is because Satanists are born and not made, which means that if I’m a Satanist NOW, I was a Satanist THEN because I have always lived my life Satanically. It’s a part of me, much like the color of my eyes.

Yup, there’s photographic proof

So with that in mind, let me tell you about the time I dated a Hard Core Christian for two years. Let’s call him Tim because that’s his name. Tim belonged to a denomination of faith called The Christian Reformed Church. What is that? Here’s a quote that sorta explains it:

Reformed Christians are a small part of a much larger body of believers who love and serve Jesus Christ. We’re part of a family that includes Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical, and a host of other churches that confess and practice the Christian faith.

Reformed teachings are shared by denominations other than the Christian Reformed Church. What’s different is the emphasis that we might place on them. Cornelius Plantinga writes:

Our accents lie more on the sovereignty of God, on the authority of Scripture, on
the need for disciplined holiness in personal Christian life, and finally, on
Christianity as a religion of the Kingdom.
A Sure Thing: What We Believe and Why
(Grand Rapids: CRC Publications, 2001), p. 281

For example, the Reformed faith teaches the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all creation. We can’t imagine a Christian church that doesn’t hold to that teaching. But Reformed believers place a lot more emphasis on this teaching than many other Christians do. As a result, Reformed believers have invested a lot of their energy and resources in Christian education (Christian day schools, colleges, and seminaries), Christ-centered political/social action, and parachurch ministries to those in need.” (Taken from

There were more than a few reasons why this was never going to work out, but we’re focusing on the religious reasons today. First off, though he didn’t say it, I was expected to serve him. That was never going to happen. Once, we went to a service (Yes, I went, too) where he told me not to stand until he stood; not to sit until he sat; not to speak until he spoke; and so on. I broke all of those rules.

I refuse to be bossed around. I am in charge of myself and nobody else is. This is why I dye my hair fun colors and wear clothes that make it hard for people to fit me into a category. Depending on the day I am either a punk, a goth, a prep, grungy, lazy, or whatever strikes my fancy at the time I’m picking out my clothes. This makes it hard for me to be in a relationship with somebody who wants me to fit a mold.

So, I mentioned earlier that I went to church with him and I did this because I wanted to support him. I hated it, but I was trying to show that his interests were important to me. That stopped pretty quick, which made him nervous because he wanted to get married and have kids who went to church and all that jazz.

OH HELL NO! First of all, I was 19-21 when we were dating so I was not about to have kids. I was busy going to college and getting on with my life. Second, I am totally uncomfortable with telling kids what to think. When my mom was raising me, I was lucky because she would let me explore religion on my own and never pointed me in one direction or another. This is because my Mom is agnostic and wanted me to discover the world myself.

In the end, I think we could both feel that it was coming. I was his first girlfriend, even though he was 24 when we started dating, and I was the one to take his virginity. Because of these things, he thought I had sent him to hell. His solution? He spoke with the elders at his church and they told him to leave me.

So, that’s what he did. He took me a mile away from my car, out in the middle of nowhere, and left me. I cried, yes, but it didn’t take me long to get over it. I got pissed and walked the mile back to my car with him driving a few feet behind me because I refused to get into his truck.

I get home and go to tell my mom what had happened, but she already knew. Apparently, he decided to take an hour to break up with my parents before breaking up with me. It was strange.

All in all, I’m glad we dated. Seriously, I am, because I know all the arguments Christian’s have! I know the arguments and I know their lies. I’ve been on the other side of the lines and I took notes. Also he introduced me to my DnD friends and I love them so much.

So, in the end, Thanks, Tim, for teaching me all about what I never want to be.

Live your life, loves, and never let anybody change you.



I Spoke With The Devil

Well, sorta. Actually that doesn’t make any sense, but I did send over some interview questions to our wonderful Reverend Campbell. He runs the website and YouTube channel called Speak of the Devil where the Ravishing Reverend talks about the Church of Satan and what that means to him. I love the Reverend’s perspective and I am so glad I got him to take some time to answer my silly questions. (Yes, I know there are typos in the questions. Like “Toying” not “Trying”).

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.18.05 PM.png
See what I mean

I am also really glad that he decided to answer via video because this man is something to behold, let me tell you what.

I really loved the toe analogy because it is spot on, even if you think it doesn’t make sense. Satanism has always been in my life and I was always following the teachings of the Church of Satan, I just didn’t have a name for it. I am not just a Member of the Church of Satan, but I am the Church of Satan. I carry the chapel with me, therefore I don’t need a building.

If you’re confused about what it means to be a Satanist or would like to become more Satan-friendly, I recommend checking out the daily youtube videos he is posting. They’re thought-provoking and give the Satanic perspective on things you might not even realize are Satanic. (Trick! Everything I do is Satanic because I am Satanic).

Have a great day, everybody!



Fuck Cake.